TURBO ACTIVE – 100% Indian Lubricant Brand (MAKE IN INDIA )

TURBO ACTIVE brand from TURBO OIL AND POWER INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. , is the 100%  Indian brand leader among lubricants and greases .


With over 500 automotive & commercial grades TURBO ACTIVE serves as a one-stop shop for complete lubrication solutions in the automotive, industrial and marine segments. Recognized for cutting-edge technology and high-quality products, TURBO ACTIVE is backed by TURBO OIL AND POWER INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. R&D (SILVASSAMH  &  GAZIPUR -DELHI)   and an extensive blending and distribution network.TURBO ACTIVE range of lubricants is available through a dealership distributorship network across the country. The products are available in every corner of the country through various retailing initiatives like TURBO ACTIVE EXPRESS.


Our business philosophy is to create and nurture positive business partners and customer relationships where we are all better as a result of having one another in each other’s lives. The rational application of this philosophy is to ensure that there is a constant flow of respect for time, care for each other’s well-being and support for our mutual success in the form of providing instructions, knowledge and resources necessary to get the work done to the best of everyone’s ability.Putting our clients first and going way beyond the normal scope that any company would go to ensuring that our clients are not only happy but also end up seeing results over the long-term has led to our success in building a business and receives a large portion of our clients from referrals .


Because establishing a new brand is often costly, brand expansion is a popular way to take full advantage of a brand’s growth potential. In brand expansion, the reputation and credibility of an established brand are used to introduce new product lines or sub-brands and thereby expand the brand. TURBO team provide solutions to just about anything – automotive or industrial. For complete lubrication solutions, TURBO ACTIVE is ready answers for you. If you need a clarification which is not available in this website, please write to us at Info@turbooilindusrty.com