We are duly ISO 9001:2015 certified Company by the regulatory authorities and our lubricants are garnering accolades among the end users in Northern regions of the country where we are based out of. Being motivated by the response, in spite of tough competition from biggies, we now, intend to multiply our strength and reach through our business partners.

We offer base lubricants (the purest self) and we are better priced as we prefer user’s recommendation than spending on advertisement and inflating the price for recovery.Customer is our first priority and customer satisfaction is our motto. This philosophy along with  continued support has enabled ‘TURBO OIL & POWER INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD.’ to show steady growth after since its incorporation.Our R&D center is located at Silvassa  (Maharashtra ) and Gazipur (Delhi)  and is not only optimizing the existing products with the best performance but also developing a new range of products.


We want to create a sustainable brand value for our customers to rely upon “Make in India” Superior-quality lubricants and be a global player by creating a niche based on Quality and Customer Support.

To accelerate the pace of growth within the local region and to expand within the national boundary by developing the Distribution Network through channel partners at various levels.